STEMD2 Professional Development 2.0

2019 Summer Session


We would like to invite you to participate in the Ne‘epapa Ka Hana (NKH) 2.0, a federally funded program aimed towards improving middle school mathematics education in Hawaiʻi.

The evidenced-based NKH model provides technology-enabled and socio-culturally responsive curriculum and training for improving inclusive mathematics pedagogy in Hawai‘i. NKH model has been successfully validated for 8th-grade classrooms through increasing the engagement and achievement of all students including Native Hawaiians, students at-risk of school failure, and students with special needs. Now, we are expanding our service to grades six and seven and therefore, inviting all middle school mathematics teachers to join this program.

We have designed a series of Professional Development courses that will familiarize the teachers with the concepts and skills needed to successfully implement the NKH curricula. The first installment of this series is a free virtual Summer Institute delivered asynchronously online.

To successfully complete the online course, it is only required to watch 10 mini presentations, consult the corresponding handouts and complete a written reflection at the end of each lesson. Completion of the lessons will be compensated with a stipend at the rate of $180 per day, $540 total, approved by the Hawai‘i DOE or Professional Development credit through Project Inspire. The goal of this Summer Institute is to make teaching mathematics less challenging and much more rewarding through the introduction of the authentic and inclusive social learning model.

Practical application of the NKH model in the classroom will be later introduced during an on-site professional development course in the fall. It will focus on implementation of NKH student activities. An additional stipend will be offered for completion of the on-site professional development.

Those who are interested can receive more information by signing up. We are excited for your involvement in this program. We are well aware that it is only you, the teachers, who can manifest a goal shared by us all: a flourishing mathematics learning experience for students of Hawaiʻi.

Mahalo nui loa,
NKH 2.0 Project Team
STEMD2 R&D Group