Letʻs Take Care of the Loʻi! A textbook incorporating Hawaiian traditions of caring for our islands, and illustrating the importance of the natural resources found on the island. In this textbook, students will learn how math can be used to support traditional Hawaiian ways of farming, fishing and building.

The loʻi is a Hawaiian taro field. In ancient Hawaiʻi, taro played a large role that went beyond dietary staple, it also holds mythological importance.  Letʻs Take Care of the Loʻi teaches of the significance of taro in Hawaiians’ survival and prosperity and the art of the patch itself as well as the art of taking care of it. The loʻi is an example of the philosophy of working with nature to create abundance, a carefully calibrated gravity-fed irrigation system, and over the centuries they filled every valley in Hawaiʻi. Loʻi patches are not only a local food source, but also oases of Hawaiian culture and connection to the land. The ideas and practices taught in this textbook by fusing teachings of the loʻi’s system and its significance with mathematical lessons in order to teach math to students in a way that is relevant to their home and history.

The cultivation of taro, declined precipitously in Hawaiʻi over the last century. The art of doing so almost lost. The Hawaiʻi Renaissance renewed interest and a statewide network dedicated to taro patch restoration was created. This textbook is an effort to educate students about the loʻi in a way that amalgamates seamlessly with their courses. 


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Let’s Take Care of the Lo’i, Teacher’s Guide: https://www.amazon.com/Lets-Take-Care-Teachers-Guide/dp/0998314293/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=let%27s+take+care+of+the+lo%27i+teachers+guide&qid=1585081510&sr=8-1