NKH’s Professional Development course is set to begin June 30th and we can’t wait! The NKH Professional Development course, or PD, is a teacher course organized by STEMD² that helps guide educators in preparing to implement and discuss socially and culturally responsive problem-based learning. In this course, STEMD² offers strategies for teaching middle school math in the 21st century and for creating a student-centered environment that encourages motivation, engagement, and success! The course also includes practical strategies for working with the students in the classroom in order to help them learn in an effective and efficient way.

The Professional Development program introduces Authentic Social Learning Model (ASLM), a guide that is easy to follow for teaching diverse 21st century learners that provides updated strategies and skills for teaching students in today’s classroom. Educators will leave this course with a wider understanding of what it means to teach a diverse, 21st century classroom and how to maximize their students’ learning experiences!

The course is available online and you can register for the NKH PD program, Authentic Social Learning: An Inclusive Teaching Model to Support Diverse Learners in STEM, through PDE3’s website https://pde3.k12.hi.us/ia/empari/login/index.