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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – known collectively as STEM – are not just critical to economic growth and national competitiveness, they are essential to solving the world’s most pressing problems. STEMD² goup aims at advancing knowledge, transforming practice, and building capacity to broaden participation and achievement of students underrepresented in STEM degree programs and in the workforce.

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Explore, Experiment, Execute.

Our unique location in Hawai`i allows us to innovate, test, and disseminate research-based practices to support STEM education in diverse populations.

Inclusive STEM Education

We strive to promote and transform STEM education for diverse student populations – with the ultimate goal of closing the achievement gap for underrepresented learners.

Contextual Pedagogies

We develop programs and materials that are culturally responsive to Hawaii’s unique diversity – using research-based practices to support ongoing STEM education efforts across the state.

Social Learning Strategies

We believe technology integration in education plays a fundamental role in better connecting schools beyond the classroom and encourages learning in an online collaborative environment.


How We Can Help You

STEMD² Book Series

A collection of student activity books and teacher guides with real-world contextual STEM problems. Now available: 8th-grade mathematics.

STEMD² PD Series

Teacher training programs for implementing inclusive and socio-culturally responsive pedegogies for STEM subjects in Hawai’i schools

STEMD² Learning Platform

A social learning platform to help students network and collaborate with other students for contextual problem solving across subjects.

STEMD² + Computer Science

Offering computer science and programing boot camps for both in collaboration with Manoa RED Lab. Topics include coding, Internet of Things, and web development.

STEMD² + Communication

Helping teachers and students develop communication skills, including science writing, creative writing, and multimedia design.

STEMD² + Entrepreneurship

Preparing students to become entrepreneurs in STEM fields through real-world experiences in collaboration with Bizgenics Foundation.

STEMD² Mentorship Program

We provide STEM mentorship for middle school students who are eager to learn more about the field and wish to gain hands-on experiences. Under the guidance of STEM mentors -prime instructors from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, students are able to explore and take part in various STEM research projects. Throughout the STEM Mentorship, students will not only gain invaluable experience and knowledge but also develop life skills and a better understanding of themselves. If you or a student you know are interested in participating in our STEM Mentorship program, please make sure to fill out and submit the form below.


What We Develop.

AWe develop activities that model real-world problems to foster collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills that prepare students not only for standardized tests but for meeting challenges in STEM-related fields. We offer rigorous educational activities designed to increase student engagement and demonstrate how STEM concepts are intertwined in students’ own lives and potential future careers.



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We deliver real-world expertise, best practices, and evidence-based solutions through a variety of programs, including in-person and on-site sessions, online courses, webinars, blended learning models, and custom consultations. Our professional development services focus on various topics such as Inclusive Pedagogy, Universal Design for Learning, and Contextual Problem-based Learning.

The STEMD² approach focuses on cooperative and collaborative learning fueled by human connection and enabled by technology. Our specialists offer a variety of digital tools, strategies, and technical support to broaden participation to underrepresented students in STEM and to increase student engagement. We assist schools and districts in developing the knowledge and skills to utilize these social learning platforms in conjuction with exisiting and new curricula.

We partner with schools and districts to improve teaching and learning by encouraging lasting changes in organizational culture. Our technical support and long-term instructional coaching services provide leadership teams and teachers with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve and sustain high-quality student-centered instruction.

We provide a variety of technical support, research and development, and evaluation services to improve equitable STEM education for diverse learners. We help schools to keep their special education programs on track and achieve the desired outcomes by establishing a network of special education experts and community stakeholders.

BEAM & Ka Pilina No’eau Mentors Needed

Projects BEAM and Ka Pilina No’eau are looking for teachers, community members, and University of Hawai’i College students to assist student participates with virtual and face to face after-school and/or Saturday math and science activities.

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BizzyB Earth Day

Promoting youth entrepreneurship in Hawai’i, STEMD² proudly supports the BizzyB Earth Day. BizzyB Earth Day is a global eco-challenge for K-12 students, to learn entrepreneurship, eco-stewardship & charitable giving through social venture projects.

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Let’s Go Fishing

Let’s Go Fishing is a fishing-themed textbook for teaching U.S. standardized mathematical concepts. The activities in this book model the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) test questions for Grade 8.

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STEMD² Professional Development Series are Now Available on HIDOE Project Inspire Platform

STEMD2's professional development series is now online with Hawai`i Department of Education's Project Inspire for PDE3 credit. The topics covered are: Inclusive Mathematics Pedagogy, Problem and Place-Based Learning, Cooperative Learning, Connectivism and Mathematics,...
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STEMD² ELL for Mathematics Education

STEMD2  is offering ELL in Mathematics Professional Developments for interested teachers, schools, and complex areas across the state of Hawai`i. Hawai`i is as diverse as it gets, and there are ELL students in the mathematics classrooms that are trying to learn the...
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STEMD² Partners with Lemonade Alley

Lemonade Alley is a youth entrepreneurship challenge where K-12 kids create a business to support a charity of their choice. STEMD² & CDS will sponsor math teachers attending the event as student mentors, and students with an IEP.

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Computer Science Training Program for All Teachers

In response to the Hawaii legislature’s bill (House Bill No. 1166, Jan 2017), STEMD² R&D Group is offering a unique learning experience for STEM teachers who are interested in teaching or integrating programming in their courses.

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STEMD² Student Summer Camp

Summer is just around the corner! STEMD² and REDLab at UH Mānoa is offering a unique learning experience for students entering grades 6–12 to be successful in STEM programs in school and beyond.

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Who We Are.

Holm Smidt

Holm Smidt

STEMD² + SL Lead

Kaveh Abhari

Kaveh Abhari

STEMD² + E Lead

Katie Gao

Katie Gao

STEMD² + Com Lead

Justin Toyofuku

Justin Toyofuku


Robert Young

Robert Young

STEMD² Content Lead

Matsu Thornton

Matsu Thornton

STEMD² + CS Lead


Kelly Roberts, Project Director 

Kiriko Takahashi, Project Director 

Hye-Jin Park, Project Director

Greg Harris, Implementation Specialist

Tsun Jaeryn Chu, ICT Specialist

Misa Maruyama, ICT Specialist

Michal Hron, Design Specialist

Lauren Ho, Content Specialist

Remy Pages, Assessment Specialist

Milena Ordonez, Design Specialist

Maile Evans, Design Specialist


Pat Morrissey, Director, CDS

JoAnn YuenAssociate Director, CDS

Ruth Silberstein, Complex Area Superintendent

Steve Sue, President, Bizgenics Foundation,

Katy Parsons, Math Teachers & Education Specialist

Crystal Yoo, Math Teachers & Education Specialist

Kelli Ching, Math Teachers & Education Specialist

Cody Kikuta, School Renewal Specialist

School Partners

Ke Kula Kaiapuni ‘O Ānuenue
Nanakuli High and Intermediate School
Kalakaua Middle School
Aiea Intermediate School
Innovation PCS
Jarrett Middle School
Central Middle School
Waimanalo Elementary & Intermediate School


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