Promoting youth entrepreneurship in Hawai’i, STEMD² proudly supports the BizzyB Earth Day. BizzyB Earth Day is a global eco-challenge for K-12 students, to learn entrepreneurship, eco-stewardship & charitable giving through social venture projects.

Students, grades K-12, select a business project from the library. Projects may be done by individual students or in teams, anywhere in the world and anytime between March 1 and April 21, 2018. Projects tracks include:

  • Create a stand from recycled materials & support a charity.
  • “Billion Trees of Aloha” is a tree planting program.
  • Create games from recycled materials & support a charity.
  • Create products from recycled materials & support a charity.

Aggregated results will be reported right here on this website and at a live Student Marketplace & Global Reveal Event on Saturday, April 21, 2018

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BEE-come a Sponsor

Support students by providing Earth Day Student Project Packages and more:

  • …support your ala mater, employee’s kids, youth groups or your own kids.

    Provide Project Packages ($20/student): support your ala mater, your employee’s kids, youth groups or your own kids by purchasing BizzyB Project Packages. Each Student Package contains four 30-day access tokens to Earth Day Projects at

  • Provide Prizes: create a prize to convey a special message or mastery achievement. Prizes don’t have to be expensive, but carrying a positive message is encouraged.
  • Volunteer to Mentor: adult mentors are welcome to apply to become student team advisors. Mentors will be vetted and certified to comment on project content via mobile devices.
  • Promote Earth Day: use your influence sphere to engage students, teachers, mentors and organizations in the Earth Day challenge.

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Hawaii Reveal & Celebration Day

If you’re in Hawaii on Saturday, April 21, 2018, 8am-1pm HST, a live community celebration and press event will take place at Pearlridge Center Farmers Market, Aiea, Hawaii. The event features:

  • Student Marketplace: if you’re a Hawaii student, you can reserve space in the Student Marketplace.
  • Aggregated Results: results will be displayed on a large screen.
  • Free Family Fun / Open to the Public: food, games, products, entertainment